Merriam Park

The heart of Merriam Park is the area between Cretin Avenue and Snelling Avenue, where large two story Four Squares, many Queen Anne inspired Victorians, and Colonial Revivals are prevalent. Further east in Merriam Park, homes were built in the early 1900’s up to the 1920’s, which include Prairie style homes, Tudor Revivals, and Craftsman 1-1/2 stories.

Commercial corridors are Marshall Avenue and Selby Avenue, which offer coffee shops, antique stores, ethnic restaurants and the famous Izzy’s Ice Cream. Merriam Park is known for its architecture, which extends to non-residential landmarks as well, like the eight beautiful churches built in the early 1900’s. This area is home to the University of St.Thomas, Concordia University and Central High School, home of St. Paul Schools first International Baccalaureate Program.

Merriam Park is a wonderful place to live, with the Mississippi River providing great scenic views!


Average home price: $192,531

Change from 2002: +2.3%

Population: 9,472

Western boundary is the Mississippi River