About Beth

For 20 years I’ve been selling real estate in the Twin Cities and feel extremely fortunate to have been very successful. Lots of things contribute to success, I suppose, hard work, attention to detail, competency, ability to listen…most of all, I think that my feelings about home and the meaning of home make matchmaking a perfect business for me… And I love the Twin Cities! I’ve lived in Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Arkansas. Nothing can compare with what we have here. Fantastic public schools, picturesque neighborhoods of historic homes, suburbia to meet everyone’s desires, two world-class orchestras, the Guthrie Theater, an amazing park system, and a liberal Scandinavian heritage that says you take care of the city and help the poor.

I love my 100-year-old home in the center of the city! I’ll still live here on this park, next to the food coop, in 30 more years! Working on this old house has been a fulfilling and creative endeavor for Gregg and me.

For me, success is also about being able to live a life I love and can respect. I love being able to help people with a basic need. I love being able to create good jobs in my business. I love watching my young adult children, Hillary and Emory, as they embark on their lives. I love sitting by the fire in the winter, listening to Gregg play the piano while I spin yarn for my summer knitting projects. I love being able to give to causes that are important to me.

If you like to know about the people you do business with, I’m your classic introverted (yes, it’s true!) bookworm. My family’s idea of a good time is to sit by the fire and read. In my spare time I weave, spin and knit. Gregg, my spouse of 30+ years, is a fantastic cook, so we enjoy entertaining and belong to our local food coop. I’ll be thrilled to tell you more about me when we meet!