Dear Beth & Jess,Thank you for all of the support, expertise and patience that you provided during this process! You made this a wonderful experience for us, and we will be sure to pass you name along to others. Also, it was great working with Jess as well – she is a gem!


Best of luck to you both!

Un Abrazo, Jeff & Jackie

Dear Beth, Dear Jess,

We’re off to Scotland this morning for two weeks, and should have been in touch before now to thank you both again for all your help with our move – but we got buried under various kinds of bureaucracy, not to mention Ikea flatpacks. We seem to be more or less sorted now, and really are very grateful for all that you’ve done by way of help and of useful advice: the business of setting up in a new country could have been fraught with difficulty and anxiety – you made it so much easier for us.

Best wishes from us both,


Dear Beth,We want to thank you SO much for spending time with us, both in person at your office & at our home & also many times on the phone. We’ve appreciated your candor, advice and guidance with this process more than you can imagine…


The Dox Family

Dear Beth, Brianna, and Jess,Thanks very much for your great assistance in getting our house sold. Your expertise, advice, patience and effort are greatly appreciated!


Anne & Tun

To Beth and her outstanding team:

Prior to our first meeting I saw my friends’ houses stay on the market for months, years. I saw them grow frustrated with only a handful of showings and their absent and uninvolved realtors. When we first met, I disbelieved that you thought you could sell our fixer-upper in a matter of weeks. With your guidance, not only were we off the market within a week, we felt secure in our uncertain future because your sales expertise is matched by your gentle customer care. It is very apparent that this same care is used in selecting the team members that work alongside you; they too were very efficient and always a pleasure. This is a rare combination and we were lucky to have found you. I cannot wait to refer you to all of our friends and family! Thank you so very much!

- Jessica

It’s been a long time since we have been in contact, and I haven’t forgotten how kind and gentle you and your staff were when we sold our house – a very difficult time. I thought about you and your staff long and hard today, when my father-in-law drove by our old house today and called and said it was once again for sale. The buyers sure didn’t last long, and when Paul and I looked at the property online, we both agreed (actually three of us, since Peter was looking over our shoulders) that it looked much better when we sold even though it was in the dim light of winter.


We are enjoying our new money pit, and have done much to improve it. We have moved to the right neighborhood, and the kids and we have settled in nicely. I’ve even learned to navigate the wandering streets of Coon Rapids. The house is responding nicely to love, and has proved to be the perfect house for the endless entertaining I do. It flows well and meets our needs well. Thanks for being so patient with us as we discarded house after house until we found the right one.


Hope you are well, I know these have to be tough times for realtors – I’ve been watching houses hang on the market, and I do continue to look for people to refer to you as buyers or sellers.


Stay well and keep crafting. I’ve just picked up my knitting needles again and find it very comforting.

– Susan

Thanks so much for helping us find our new house. You are both so knowledgeable about the industry and the local marketplace, we could just focus on the fun stuff – a house we loved! We repainted the dining room last week and are slowly figuring out what to put where – so we’re getting settled in! We’ve already hosted the family for dinner. It was a pleasure working with you!

– Meghan and Matt

Thank you so much for selling our house! Your expertise and professionalism saved us from what was becoming a very difficult situation. You did such a good job explaining to me why it needed to be priced the way it was. It was hard dealing with the particular buyers but you held it all together and made it happen. We are very happy with the return we had on the property. If only we had met you first! It is so obvious now what a good (great!) realtor can do for you.

Thank you also to your team, specifically Brianna. Brianna’s optimism and pleasant demeanor helped immensely. I wasn’t always an easy client but she understood why and handled me well. As I said – if you need a reference that someone can talk to, feel free to have them call me. I’ll tell them how wonderful and SMART you all are.

– Leah and Rob

Thank you for the great job that you and your staff did in order to sell our house. Jeff and I are very happy with the outcome. We feel that the outcome was the best that we could have gotten.

– Geri and Jeff

Thanks so much for the Blockbuster gift card and microwave popcorn – what a cute and thoughtful gift! And Beth, thanks again for the pie and pasta salad, we really appreciated having some delicious food in the fridge. Hope you are both doing well!

– Andrea, Aaron, and Calla

…We had such a wonderful experience and when we share the details of our experience with our family and friends everyone is amazed at the level of attention to detail your group offers – “customer service” doesn’t seem like the right way to put it because everyone went so far beyond that and made us feel like something more than customers. I wanted to let you know that I gave your contact information to a colleague of mine. He and his fiancée have been looking for their first home – they don’t have an agent and they’ve been having a difficult time. They remind me of Justin and I ( we thought of trying to tackle the home-buying process on our own and we’re both SO GLAD that in the end we came to our senses and were lucky enough to find you to guide us through it!).


We’ve never been involved in a professional referral before, so I’m not sure if it’s necessary or standard to let you know that I’ve recommended you – so I thought I’d drop a line to THANK YOU again.

– Amy and Justin

Beth, Thank you for all your help in our buying/selling process. We are so very happy with the outcomes, and appreciate how pleasant the process was! If any of you find yourself in our new neighborhood, stop by!”

– Meghan and Bruce

Though it may be a little late (you know how the first few months at home-owning go), we wanted to be sure to thank you for all that you’ve done for us! We really enjoyed working with you and are so happy with the results – slowly, but surely, we’re making this house our own!!

– Eric and Jenia

Thanks so much for all of your insight, sensitivity, and hard work in assisting our transition back to Minnesota. It’s a crazy time, but we managed to get it all done and get Henry in school on time! Keep in touch!

– Ace, Curt and Henry

I want to thank you for all the good work that you have done for me over these 5+ years with my house. I’m not sure I can adequately thank you for all the time you spent with me BEFORE I even bought that house. And your patience during that ambling stands next to your great skill in getting my house sold at a speed I did not think was possible. I hope you will find good use for this Montana textile and enjoy the stories behind its production. Please also extend huge thanks to your fantastic crew! Best to all of you!

– Sarah

Dear Beth and Staff, I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful work you did on selling my parents house on Lafond. What a long road it was. I am guessing you are as relieved as I am that this deal is done and the house has sold. The patience you had with my questions and putting up with my sometimes desperate and less than positive attitude is very much appreciated. Brianna and you were very open to my questions and always called or emailed me back in a timely fashion, something I very much looked forward to when we signed up back in October of 2004. We definitely picked the right agency with the right credentials and understanding for this job. If you ever need a reference, put me down. I am more than willing to give a great review. I will also keep you on file so down the road (years) when Shelly and I get ready to sell our house, we will give you a ring. Once again, thank you for everything you did in making this sale possible.

– John

Thank you so much for all you have done for us! Thank you for your support and guidance throughout our home-buying experience. Many thanks for your thoughtfulness and generosity-from answering all my phone inquiries to the handyman to the helpful literature (faithfully read the weekly before you move steps!) to the popcorn and video…the list goes on and on… You provided excellent service and made us excited to be here. What a comfort to know that you were always right on top of everything. Our family thanks you for helping us come home.

– Mardee, Doug, Ellee, and Sam

First of all, Beth. I can not tell you how helpful you were to Bryan and I. I so appreciate your patience, understanding, and allowing us the time for “shock value” sometimes to set in. Your gentle talks were what we needed to hear-yet we always left the conversation with complete trust in you, and appreciated your honesty. Your professionalism, knowledge, and warmth was not only needed, but welcomed.


All of you have this whole thing down pat, you all compliment each other and not once did we feel as though it was a production line of buying and selling, but rather we had to remind ourselves that you had other clients. All of the personal touches (the flowers, the new house cards, the handyman… everything) was so nice and put a pretty red bow on an already beautifully wrapped package. We will always recommend you and simply think anyone would be crazy if they did not us the Beth Richardson and Co. as their realtors (and again-we are high maintenance people so an A+ coming from perfectionists means something).

– Sarah and Bryan