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What Moving To Minnesota offers Property Owners

We know that the key to any successful partnership is clear expectations. From our initial meeting to the end of our contract, we strive to be clear with our owners and tenants what our expectations are of our agreements. AND we strive to listen carefully and ask questions to best understand the expectations of others.


So, what do we do for Owners?

We comply with Fair Housing Laws when advertising, showing, and placing tenants.
We provide assessment of market rate rent for your property.
We run tenant background & credit checks via Tenant Check.
We sign, renew and cancel rental agreements and leases for the property.
We submit all leases, modifications, and extensions to owner for review and execution.
We collect all rents as they become due and to remit to Owner all income.
We hire and supervise labor for maintenance and repairs of property. Expenses are the responsibility of the owner.
We provide keys and move-in checklist to tenants upon signing of the lease and supply tenant s with utility information.
We are the primary contact for any questions and/or concerns of tenants and relay information to property owner.
We collect the keys and walk through the property once the tenant has vacated the property.
We make sure that the property is cleaned either by the Owner or a cleaning service before a tenant moves in .
We notify you promptly of any and all calls from the tenant, usually via email, so that you are kept in the loop with your property.


What are the responsibilities of the owner(s)

You shall promptly furnish us with all documents and information required for the rental of the property.
You shall abide by all laws, including filing for rental licenses, permits, and obtaining certificates to comply with any provisions of state, city, village, and township laws.
You agree to let us deduct our fee from the tenants rent OR pay us in a timely fashion each month.
You agree to pay all contracted workers directly OR provide us with $500 to hold in escrow for any repairs that may be needed. (This fund would need to hold no less than $300 at any given time, if Owner does not agree to pay contractors directly.)
You understand that when your property is not rented, you are paying us to market and show your property. We provide no guarantees for tenant placement within any specified time frame.


For $100 per month, we willl:

1. Lease the property, sign, renew and cancel rental agreements and leases for the property.

2.  Collect all rents as they become due, giving receipts therefore and remit to Owner all income

3. Hire and supervise labor for mainenance and repairs of property.

4. Be the primary contact for any questions or concerns of tenants.

To discuss your unique situation, please call and talk to Beth or Emily at 651-646-2100