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Thank you!!! I honestly don’t know if we (mainly I) would’ve been able to make it thru the whirlwind without the wonderful guidance and support of you and the team!

by Austin & Amanda

You two are so good at what you do! Thanks for your attention to us and every step to help us find and close on our new home. See you around "St. Small"

by Renee & David

Beth is a rock star realtor. Hands down. I just closed on my very first home purchase, and Beth made the whole experience seamless, fun, and enlightening. She knows the area extremely well, has excellent communication skills, is very positive, and she is very perceptive about what a person is looking for, even new home buyers who are not sure of what they want yet. She is good at helping you figure out what you want. Beth is passionate about her work and goes out of her way to make sure things are done right and that her client is satisfied. Her negotiation skills are top notch with her tactful and direct personality. Her experience in the business speaks for itself. I could not have chosen a better realtor for my first home purchase. Beth is one of the best in the Twin Cities area.

by Lisa

We bought our first house with Beth. She was SUPER knowledgeable about everything having to do with houses, like materials used and what year certain house features were popular in, neighborhood data, etc. Beth even bargained for us and saved us 3k after we had already had our offer approved.

by Rory

We loved working with Beth and her team! They made everything so easy! She really helped us get a good price for the home that we were selling. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

by Melissa

My wife and I used Beth and her team to sell our starter home and purchase our new house in our dream neighborhood. Beth and her team are knowledgeable, and listened to what we wanted. We will definitely work with Beth again, and recommend her to others.

by Sam

Beth and Brianna are an amazing team that helped us sell our house for maximum value. We had a tricky property to sell being a smaller home on a busy street. Beth and Brianna were very communicative throughout the process, which gave my wife and I the comfort to know that we would get it done.

by Dan & Kari

We were so glad that we were referred to Beth! She is knowledgeable and straightforward, and we appreciated her directness. She was also able to navigate us through an intensely hot and fast-paced market. We learned so much about architectural styles and periods during our home tours, which was a huge bonus. We would recommend her to anyone looking for a new home. Thank you Beth!

by Kaye

Beth helped us sell our townhouse at a time when there was an abundance of townhouses in our area and they were selling very slowly. She helped with the negotiation, found someone to deep clean our place, recommended staging --with the result that we sold relatively quickly. We moved into a coop and she helped negotiate that sale too. I have recommended her many times (she sold a house in North Minneapolis for my daughter and helped them find a place in Coon Rapids). She and her staff are incredibly professional. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

by Kay

It's been nearly 16 years since Beth helped us find a house in a tight market when we didn't have a lot of equity. I have vivid memories of her skill in helping us compare various properties, helping us see potential, walking us through the process from viewing homes, to placing an offer, signing a purchase agreement and then closing. What's more, since we were purchasing in a location to which we were moving, she put us in touch with persons who could help us begin working on needed repairs and updates before we moved. She's the only realtor I recommend! You won't be disappointed

by Joetta

When we moved to the Twin Cities almost 10 years ago, Beth helped us find and purchase our house. It was great working with her! Beth helped us hone in on what we were looking for and where we were looking for it. More recently she was generous with her time helping us think through considerations for purchasing a cabin...ranging from finding a local agent to what we would be looking for in a cabin as compared to our city lot. I highly recommend Beth!

by Meghan

We met Beth when we first moved to Minnesota almost 20 years ago. Her knowledge of the Twin Cities real estate market and her ability to understand our needs at the time was a match made in heaven. Beth knows how to be friendly and caring without losing touch with the business at hand. When we were ready to sell 9 years later, there was no doubt who our agent would be. I heartily recommend Beth to anyone looking for a real estate agent in the Twin Cities. She's a cut above the rest and you won't find a more supportive team.

by Kevin

Beth Richardson serves buyers and sellers in a caring and professional manner. Her success is in understanding the desires, goals, and needs of her clients. I have witnessed this numerous times over the years (at least 15 years). She is a real estate professional who provides helpful newsletters and advice covering a wide range of topics for those getting ready to sell or buy a home. She knows her market area well and she is well-grounded.

by Ferd

I have known Beth for over 20 years. She has helped us buy two houses and sell one of them. She is extremely personable and knowledgeable about the market and the processes around selling and buying a house. I have also very much appreciated her equal treatment of female and male customers. We are currently using her skills to rent our house while we are on a leave for one year and look forward to our interactions with her in this matter. I can wholeheartedly recommend Beth as a real-estate agent!

by Andreas

Buying and selling a home with two kids under the age of two could be an incredibly stressful situation. But Beth is so responsive, attentive, honest, and experienced that she was able to put our anxiety to rest. We love working with Beth and only wish we could buy more homes to work with her.

by Jessica & Brian

Beth was absolutely great throughout the process of helping me understand everything that I needed to do and to help negotiate and get this house since there were multiple offers. She is extremely knowledgeable and really did everything I needed her to help with.

by Bruce

I highly recommend Beth and her team! What a wonderful experience I had. Their expertise and ability to convey it in layman's terms was highly valuable to me. It was so nice to deal with professionals with heart! I especially loved the weekly assessments with Beth, I was constantly aware of what was happening with my listing. Beth's team is professional, prompt, caring and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend them to anyone buying or selling a home!!

by Lynda

We LOVE Beth. She is knowledgeable, kind, and tolerant (we have two kids who were REALLY excited to see each new house). She guided us through the process with compassion as well as educating us about the process of homebuying and what to expect as we went forward. We would recommend her to anyone (we were actually second time home buyers, but she was so much better than our first realtor) for their next home buying experience

by Cadence & Dean

Beth was great to work with and I felt that she communicated her thoughts extremely well. She made me feel very comfortable with the process. She knows the market well, which in turn was able to get exactly what I wanted it off the listing, a good price and to move very quickly.

by Alex

I do not even know where to begin - Beth is amazing! She helped us buy a house, managed rental property for us and most recently served as our agent selling the property. He knowledge of the market, the process and all the intricacies of dealing with the paperwork and people are unsurpassed. She works as a team with a very attentive, detail oriented listing manager who is providing 24/7 concierge service- which is pretty unbelievable. Beth is very attentive to the needs and this attention and advice often stretch beyond the real estate transactions - she is enabler and connector to the community as well. I can't imagine how anybody could possibly be in better hands than with Beth.

by Kirill

Beth and her team made our buying experience comfortable and seamless. Knowledgeable, responsive, and professional. We will choose Beth for any future home buying/selling needs and would recommend her to anyone.

by Jake

Professional expertise, wisely delivered. Support team highly qualified and responsive. Beth knows the neighbor- hoods that we were interested in, and she knows the market conditions. She set us up well for a successful purchase and sale of a home.

by Britt & Bjorn

Just a long overdue note to thank you for all your help in getting us settled at the house. Your expertise and advice, plus the extras and ‘freebies’ you provided were so helpful and nice! The little touches made such a difference - thank you (the popcorn and video card was a fun surprise)! Well we are finally settled and homesteaded and starting to enjoy the new home and neighborhood more. It was a pleasure to work with you both. We were so glad to get your name and will be passing along your name to our family and friends as well. Thank you very much again for all your help.

by Nancy & David

We’d like to express our sincere thanks for all your support and thoughtfulness. You’ve been so helpful through every step in this process. Your help with getting the A/C paid for is a gesture I cannot even begin to thank you for! Your “movie night” package was a cute surprise and finally gave us an excuse to relax. Thank you again for everything!

by Kristin & Damian

What can I possibly say?! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for every little thing about this home-buying process - (AND for all the big things too!) I could not have asked for a better experience; you and your entire team are amazing! I feel so lucky and blessed to have picked you out of the Women’s Press one day last spring. What a great match! And now I have a great home! Jess and I can’t wait to move in!! By all means you can count on referrals from me! I just may become your un-official spokeswoman! Your expertise, kindness and humor have been wonderful. Thank you so much!

by Heather

I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful work you did on selling my parents house. What a long road it was. I am guessing you are as relieved as I am that this deal is done and the house has sold. That patience you had with my questions and putting up with my sometimes desperate and less than positive attitude is very much appreciated. Brianna and you were very open to my questions and always called or emailed me back in a timely fashion, something that I very much looked forward to when we signed up. We definitely picked the right agency with the right credentials and understanding for this job. If you ever need a reference, put me down. I am more than willing to give a great review. I will also keep you on file so down the road when Shelly and I are ready to sell our house, we will give you a ring. Once again, thank you for everything you did in making this sale possible.

by John

Thanks so much for the yummy cookies! We just ran out of holiday treats so these are coming in handy - thanks! Good luck with the home search for my parents, I’m sure you will find something great for them.

by Erica

This is a long overdue “THANK YOU!!!” I am beginning to settle into the routine of home ownership, accompanied by my new puppy, Lily. Every weekend has been filled with some new adventure...from gardening to do-it-yourself IKEA furniture! Lily’s adventures are centered around rabbits and squirrels, so I recently installed an “invisible fence” to keep her from chasing them out under the real fence! Nearly everyday I appreciate how lucky I am to own a home. Everyone who has visited has commented that this house is perfect for me! And so...thank you both for navigating me through the entire home buying process to the point where I ended up in this perfect spot. Your customer service was absolutely remarkable. I truly enjoyed meeting you both and I hope our paths cross again! Thank you!

by Julie

Thank you so much for all your help and patience with me through the process of buying a home. You are all fabulous! I will pass on your names to anyone who lets me know they are house hunting. Thank you!

by Sue

Thanks so much for all of your insight, sensitivity and hard work in assisting our transition back to Minnesota. It’s a crazy time, but we managed to get it all done and get Henry in school on time!

by Ace, Curt & Henry

Thank you for all of your help in our buying/selling process. We are so very happy with the outcomes, and appreciate how pleasant the experience was! If any of you find yourself in our neighborhood, stop by!

by Meghan & Bruce

I want to thank you for all the good work that you have done for me over these 5+ years with my house. I’m not sure I can adequately thank you for all the time you spent with me BEFORE I even bought that house. And your patience during that ambling stands next to your great skill in getting my house sold at a speed I did not think was possible. I hope you will find good use for this Montana textile and enjoy the stories behind its production. Please also extend huge thanks to your fantastic crew! Best to all of you!

by - Sarah